You're not a fair-dinkum four-wheel drive mechanic unless there's one of these in your tool box!

With minimal dismantling we can now fully grease the internal bearing and or bush assembly in the front hub spindle of a Toyota Hilux & Land Cruiser. This tool fits on the threaded end of the spindle, Molybdenum disulfide grease is pumped between the spindle and the drive shaft. The inner bearing will be fully packed with lubricant, any excess grease will flow into the steering knuckle housing. A screwdriver inserted in the knuckle filler hole will show the grease level altering indicating a successful operation.

The tool does not grease the wheel bearings, only the inner spindle bearing. To use the tool, remove the wheel bearing lock nut, screw on the tool, remove the knuckle filler plug and use a grease gun to regrease the inner spindle bearing that starves of lubricant in normal operation.

A.G. from TT

Nobel Grease Prize