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Looking for the best Toyota Hilux suspension upgrade? Our selection of suspension kits is specifically designed to improve the performance of your Hilux. +

Whether you're looking to improve the ride quality and handling, or simply want to add a little extra protection to your vehicle, our Hilux suspension upgrades are the perfect solution.

Our selection of suspension kits come from some of the most trusted names in the business, so you can rest assured knowing that you're getting a quality product. Plus, our Toyota Hilux suspension upgrades are designed to be a bolt-on installation, so there's no need to worry about making any permanent modifications to your vehicle.

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Toyota Hilux Suspension Upgrades FAQ

A Toyota Hilux suspension upgrade kit is a specialised set of components that replaces your vehicle's stock suspension system with higher-performance parts like shock absorbers, leaf or coil springs, and stabiliser bars. With a suspension upgrade kit installed, you'll experience improved steering response, better ride comfort, and superior off-road handling. If you're looking for more control and better performance when driving on rugged terrain or extreme conditions, an upgraded suspension can provide it.

The upgraded parts included in the kit are designed to replace the existing stock components with higher quality and performance components. This replacement will improve the overall durability and performance of your vehicle’s suspension system by providing greater control over road vibrations caused by uneven surfaces. Additionally, these kits often come with adjustable dampers which can be tuned to suit any off-road situation allowing you to customise your desired level of comfort for each journey.

A suspension upgrade for your Toyota Hilux can offer several benefits, including improved steering response, better ride comfort, and enhanced off-road performance. With an upgraded suspension system in place, you’ll be able to better control your vehicle on uneven roads and challenging terrain. It will also make driving on those types of surfaces smoother and more comfortable. Additionally, many kits come with adjustable dampers that can be tuned depending on the conditions you may face giving you greater control over your ride quality. Overall an upgraded suspension kit is an excellent way to get the most out of your vehicle while enjoying improved handling characteristics as well.



TOYOTA - Terrain Tamer Suspension Upgrade Suitable for Hilux Vehicles


Kit Make / Model Year PDF STORE
SK020 Toyota Hilux LN46/LN65/LN106
  view » BUY NOW
SK019 Toyota Hilux LN130/KZN130
  view » BUY NOW
SK018 Toyota Hilux LN107/LN111/LN167/LN172
  view » BUY NOW
SK016 Toyota Hilux GGN25/KUN26   view » BUY NOW
SK081 Toyota Hilux GUN125/126, KUN125/126 from 05/15 on view » BUY NOW
SK103 Toyota Hilux Surf 4Runner KZN/RZN/VZN185 from 11/95 on view » BUY NOW


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