Electronic Hand Brake Kit

Australian engineering tests show an average 14% improvement in braking distance, and up to 21% when fitted together with rear disc conversion kit. Features Include

  • Enlarged 2 piece forged aluminium calipers
  • Pair of 6 pot (front) or 4 pot (rear) calipers in each kit
  • 6-slot or 10-slot and dimpled Geomet-coated rotors – up to 40% increase in swept area compared to OE rotors
  • Matching caliper brackets and bolts
  • Kevlar ceramic low dust brake pads
  • Full axle set of Stainless steel braided hoses
  • High grade alloy steel brake pad insulators
  • Stainless steel abutments

Please Note: These big brake upgrade kits are fully engineered and ADR approved.
They should only be installed by a qualified mechanic and must be checked and signed off by an engineer after installation to meet state regulations. +


Frequently Asked Questions About Hilux Brake Upgrade Kits

What is a Hilux brake upgrade kit?

A Hilux brake upgrade kit is an aftermarket component that replaces your vehicle's existing brake system with a more performance-oriented kit. It usually includes upgraded rotors, callipers and pads, as well as other parts such as lines and brackets. The purpose of this upgrade is to provide improved braking power, better control in emergency situations, and improved longevity.

How does big brake upgrade work?

A big brake upgrade kit replaces your vehicle's existing braking components with larger, more powerful ones. The upgrade includes new rotors and callipers that allow for a greater amount of heat dissipation and stopping power. In addition, improved pads, lines, and brackets are included to ensure that everything is properly connected and functioning properly.

What are the advantages of a Hilux brake upgrade?

The primary advantages of a Hilux brake upgrade kit are improved braking performance and greater durability. The larger rotors allow for better heat dissipation, meaning less fade and more consistent stopping power. In addition, the callipers provide more clamping force on the pads, providing better control in emergency situations. Finally, the upgraded lines help to ensure that your vehicle will be in your control.

Are these braking upgrade kits suitable for all types of vehicles?

These braking system kits are designed to fit specific vehicle models. It is essential to check compatibility before purchasing and installing the kit. It is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic or manufacturer to ensure the proper fitment for your vehicle.

Will the installation of a brake upgrade kit void my Hilux's warranty?

While the installation of aftermarket braking system kits may not void your entire vehicle warranty, it can potentially affect the warranty coverage for braking components. It is advisable to consult your vehicle manufacturer or warranty provider to understand the specific terms and conditions regarding modifications.

How often do the brake pads need to be replaced?

The lifespan of brake pads varies depending on several factors, such as driving style, road conditions, and the type of brake pads used. Generally, brake pads should be inspected regularly and replaced when they reach a certain wear limit specified by the manufacturer. It is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the braking system manufacturer or consult with a qualified mechanic.

Can I install these kits myself, or do I need a mechanic?

The installation of these braking system kits requires technical expertise and precision. It is recommended to have them installed by a qualified mechanic who has experience working with braking systems. This ensures proper installation, functionality, and compliance with safety standards. Close

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