Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Kits

Enhance your 4x4's reliability with the Terrain Tamer Wheel Bearing Replacement Kit, exclusively tailored for Ford Ranger models. Expertly engineered, this kit includes everything your need for improved performance, and extended longevity. Whether you're tackling rugged terrain or driving to work, wheel bearings are pivotal for a smooth ride. Terrain Tamer is recognized globally for its unparalleled commitment to quality. Our kit boasts superior-grade materials, stringent quality tests, and precise manufacturing. +

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    • Made in Japan
    • Rockwell Hardness Rating 2.5 points higher than OE
    • Upgraded heat treatment procedure for longer service life

    Bearing SML


    • Labyrinth construction prevents oil loss
    • Rotates on internal surface, eliminating wear on components
    • Utilises 4 sealing surfaces to protect against contaminants

    HD Seal SML

    Terrain Tamer Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Replacement Kit

    When it comes to Ford Ranger 4x4 wheel bearing replacement, no one matches Terrain Tamer's quality and reliability. With over 50 years of manufacturing and testing, our wheel bearing kits will ensure the heart of your off-road vehicle is ready to tackle any terrain.

    We understand that navigating off-road and conquering rugged terrain with confidence requires attention to even the smallest details. Let's unbox our wheel bearing replacement kits for Ford Ranger.

    Understanding the Importance of Wheel Bearings in Your Ford Ranger

    Before we delve into what's included with our Ford Ranger wheel bearing replacement kits, let's talk about the vital role these components play in your 4x4's performance. Wheel bearings are the unsung heroes that facilitate the seamless rotation of your wheels, ensuring a friction-free driving experience. Over time, wear and tear can compromise their functionality, affecting not only your 4x4's performance but also your safety on and off the road.

    Signs that it's Time for a Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Are you hearing a persistent droning or growling noise during turns could be a telltale sign it's time to replace your wheel bearings. Don't ignore vibrations in the steering wheel or unusual tire wear either - these could be indicators of wheel bearing issues. If your vehicle is showing any of these signs, it's time to consider front and rear wheel bearing replacement.

    DIY vs Mechanic: Making the Right Choice

    The choice between tackling wheel bearing replacement on your Ford Ranger yourself or entrusting your 4x4 to a professional mechanic can be a tough one. While the cost savings of a DIY project are undeniable, remember that improper installation could lead to more serious problems down the line. A professional mechanic, armed with experience, can ensure a seamless replacement for optimal performance and safety.

    Step-by-Step Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Replacement Guide

    Here's a simplified guide to performing a front or rear wheel bearing replacement for Ford Ranger:

    • Preparation: Elevate your 4x4 using sturdy jacks and safety stands. Gently remove the wheel, brake calliper, and rotor to access the bearing.
    • Access the Bearing: Depending on your axle setup, you might need to remove the axle nut and any locking mechanisms to access the bearing hub assembly.
    • Disassembly: Proceed to detach the hub assembly, following manufacturer guidelines closely. This involves removing ABS sensors and retaining bolts.
    • Press Out the Old Bearing: Utilise a bearing press to safely remove the worn bearing from the hub assembly. Precision is key during this step.
    • Installation of the New Bearing: Employ the bearing press again to gently install the new bearing into the hub assembly, adhering to torque specs.
    • Reassembly: Reverse the disassembly process, carefully reattaching all components. Be sure to follow torque specifications for bolts.
    • Testing: Lower your Ford Ranger, start the engine, and embark on a test drive. Listen for unusual noises and monitor the vehicle's performance.

    Choose Terrain Tamer Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Replacement

    When sourcing components for your Ford Ranger, choose the reliability and ruggedness of Terrain Tamer. With a legacy in providing off-road solutions, Terrain Tamer is the go-to brand for off-road enthusiasts. Their range of wheel bearings and parts is engineered to conquer tough terrains, ensuring your Ford Ranger is primed for every adventure.

    FAQs About Ford Ranger Wheel Bearing Replacement

    How frequently should I replace my Ford Ranger's wheel bearings?

    The replacement interval varies based on factors like driving conditions and maintenance. It's advisable to inspect them during routine services.

    Can I drive with a worn-out wheel bearing?

    It's not recommended. A failing bearing can compromise your safety and cause further damage to your vehicle.

    What's the typical cost of a Ford Ranger wheel bearing replacement?

    Costs can vary depending on whether you're replacing front or rear bearings and if you're opting for professional installation.

    Can I visually inspect my wheel bearings for damage?

    While visible damage can be an indicator, it's best to consult a professional for a comprehensive assessment.

    Are there any DIY tips to prolong the life of my Ford Ranger's wheel bearings?

    Ensure proper tire maintenance, avoid overloading your 4x4, and drive cautiously on rough terrains to extend the life of your bearings.


Terrain Tamer Wheel Bearings Suitable for Ford Ranger Vehicles


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