Recognising the importance of high quality electrical replacement parts, Terrain Tamer’s range of Starter Motor parts has been made by an Original Equipment manufacturer to ensure strength, reliability and longevity. +

Each Landcruiser starter motor is individually tested after manufacturing to guarantee they reach the maximum in safety and performance and each unit is then sold with its own unique test certificate, displaying the results of the extensive testing process, ensuring efficiency and durability standards will be met under the toughest of conditions.

No matter where you are, any electrical breakdown is something to be avoided, and when you're a long way from home, having to replace a failed alternator or starter motor is a major inconvenience.

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Landcruiser Starter Motors FAQ

A Toyota Landcruiser starter motor is a replacement part for the engine of your vehicle. It is designed to help you start the engine and get your LandCruiser running. At TerrainTamer, we specialise in providing high-quality, aftermarket replacement parts that are compatible with a variety of Toyota 4WDs, including the LandCruiser series. Our selection of Landcruiser starter motors is built tough and made to last, so you can rely on them to keep your vehicle going strong.

The way that Toyota Landcruiser starter motors function depends on certain factors such as the make and model of your 4WD vehicle. Generally speaking, when you turn the key in your ignition switch or press a button on an electronic dashboard start switch, electrical energy flows through wires from the battery into an electromagnetic solenoid or relay device (depending on make/model) which then coordinates movement within other components like gears and shafts to power up multiple parts for starting up the engine's crankshaft rotation motion eventually sending fuel-air mix into its combustion chambers.

Toyota Landcruiser starter motors are designed to be a reliable and efficient replacement part for your vehicle. They provide superior performance and are built tough to be able to withstand the toughest conditions. Additionally, they come with a warranty that ensures you're covered should any issues arise after installation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your motor will deliver.

Toyota - Starter Motors Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser Vehicles

Application Model Engine Month/Year Part #
Landcruiser FJ40 F, 2F 3/1969-1/1975 28100-60042TT
Landcruiser FJ40 2F 6/1982-10/1984 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ45 2F 1/1975-6/1982 28100-60042TT
Landcruiser FJ45 2F 6/1982-10/1984 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ55 2F 1/1975-7/1980 28100-60042TT
Landcruiser FJ60 2F 8/1980-11/1984 28100-60042TT
Landcruiser FJ60 2F 11/1984-1/1990 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ62 3F 11/1984-1/1990 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ70 3F 11/1984-8/1992 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ73 3F 11/1984-8/1992 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ75 3F 11/1984-8/1992 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FJ80 3F 1/1990-8/1992 28100-60070TT
Landcruiser FZJ70 1FZ 8/1992- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ73 1FZ 8/1992- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ75 1FZ 8/1992- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ78 1FZ 8/1999- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ79 1FZ 8/1999- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ80 1FZ 1992-1998 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ100 1FZ 1/1998 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser FZJ105 1FZ 1/1998- 28100-66040TT
Landcruiser GRJ200 1GRFE 9/2007- 28100-31041TT
Landcruiser HJ47 2H 8/1980- 28100-47081TT
Landcruiser HJ60 2H 8/1980-1/1990 28100-47081TT
Landcruiser HJ61 12HT 8/1980-1/1990 28100-47081TT
Landcruiser HJ75 2H 11/1984-1/1990 28100-47081TT
Landcruiser HDJ78 1HDT 8/1999- 28100-17081TT
Landcruiser HDJ79 1HDT 8/1999- 28100-17081TT
Landcruiser HDJ80 1HDT 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HDJ100 1HDT 1/1998- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ70 1HZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ73 1HZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ75 1HZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ78 1HZ 8/1999- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ79 1HZ 8/1999- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ80 1HZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser HZJ105 1HZ 1/1998- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser LJ72 3L 5/1993- 28100-54380TT
Landcruiser LJ79 3L 1/1990- 28100-54380TT
Landcruiser PZJ70 1PZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser PZJ73 1PZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser PZJ75 1PZ 1/1990- 28100-17010TT
Landcruiser VDJ76 1VDFTV 1/2007- 28100-51060TT
Landcruiser VDJ78 1VDFTV 1/2007- 28100-51060TT
Landcruiser VDJ79 1VDFTV 1/2007- 28100-51060TT
Landcruiser VDJ200 1VDFTV 9/2007- 28100-51071TT
Prado GRJ120 1GRFE 9/2002- 28100-31041TT
Prado KDJ120 MTM 1KDFTV 9/2002-8/2006 28100-67051TT
Prado KDJ120 ATM 1KDFTV 8/2006- 28100-30051TT
Prado KDJ150  1KDFTV 8/2009- 28100-67051TT
Prado KDJ150 LHD MTM 1KDFTV 8/2009- 28100-30051TT
Prado KZJ90 1KZTE 4/1996- 28100-67051TT
Prado KZJ95 MTM 1KZTE 4/1996-9/2002 28100-67051TT
Prado KZJ120 MTM 1KZTE 9/2002-8/2006 28100-67051TT
Prado KZJ120 ATM 1KZTE 8/2006- 28100-30051TT
Prado RZJ120 3RZFE 9/2002-8/2004 28100-75191TT
Prado VZJ90 5VZFE 4/1996- 28100-62040TT
Prado VZJ95 5VZFE 4/1996- 28100-62040TT
Tacoma GRN225 1GRFE 9/2004 28100-31041TT
Tacoma GRN245 1GRFE 9/2004 28100-31041TT
Tacoma GRN250 1GRFE 9/2004 28100-31041TT
Tacoma GRN265 1GRFE 9/2004 28100-31041TT
Tacoma GRN270 1GRFE 9/2004 28100-31041TT
Tundra GSK30 1GRFE 8/2004-11/2006 28100-31041TT
Tundra GSK50 1GRFE 4/2009-7/2013 28100-31041TT
Tundra GSK51 1GRFE 11/2006-3/2009 28100-31041TT