However, I was tickled pink to get my hands on a set of flexible Braided Brake Hoses recently to fit, test and report.

Most vehicles now come with brake boosters of some type, so with normal foot pressure we can generate very high pressures in the brake system even during ‘normal’ braking.

Factory fitted rubber brake hoses do a remarkable job for a long period of time but do perish and under hard braking can be felt by hand to expand (kids don’t try this at home)!

After swapping over to braided hoses I now have a noticeably higher brake pedal when applied and a firmer more confident, and safer feel during both normal and severe braking. A side issue but even more important is the extra protection they provife from damage when using the vehicle off-road (a pastime which some of us are able to do occasionally).

Many years ago (when I was a handsome young man) the Victorian Police transport department experienced problems with their patrol cars having low brake pedal height, the factory developed stepped bore master cylinders and revised pedal fulcrum pivots. The problem was eventually overcome with the introduction of Braided Brake Hoses!

If it's good for them, it must be good for me too! Far be it from me to admit my reflexes might be slowing but I think I want the best brakes I can get. How about you?
Time for a (Braided) BRAKE!



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