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Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade Kits are designed to improve the vehicle's Gross Vehicle Mass rating, allowing you to safely carry more weight or tow caravans, trailers and campers. +

Terrain Tamer GVM Upgrade Kits

Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components, our Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade options have been thoroughly tested and analyzed to reach Secondary Stage Manufacturer's approval and can be installed either prior to registration or on existing registered vehicles at approved workshops, and following state-level modification processes.

With our GVM Upgrade kits, you can increase your vehicle's gross vehicle mass rating, giving you more leeway when it comes to loading up your 4x4 for your next adventure. Whether you need to add a bull bar, winch or other accessories, our Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade kits will help make sure your 4x4 is up to the task.

How do I know if my Ford Ranger needs a GVM Upgrade?

The Ford Ranger is a popular choice for 4WDers, thanks to its comfortable ride, strong engine and reliable four-wheel drive system. However, its stock GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) rating of 3330kg can be a limiting factor when trying to load up with gear for extended trips into the bush.

If you're looking to add a bull bar, winch or other accessories to your Ranger, you may need a GVM upgrade. Depending on the state or territory in which you live, there are different processes for getting a Ford Ranger GVM upgrade. In some cases, you may need to have the work done by an authorised workshop and have it certified by an engineer.

Why Choose Terrain Tamer Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade?

At Terrain Tamer, we offer Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade kits that are designed to improve the vehicle's gross vehicle mass rating. Our kits consist of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components that have been thoroughly tested and analyzed to reach Secondary Stage Manufacturer's approval. They can be installed either prior to registration or on existing registered vehicles at approved workshops.

Video Transcript: Terrain Tamer Uncovered | GVM Upgrades (No GCM)


Over the years, as the rules and regulations around towing and load carrying have changed, it's led to the rise of the GVM modification. This has been an awesome modification, but it has come with a bunch of confusion. Those of us who want to keep our vehicles compliant to the rules of the road, so that we don't void our insurance in the case of an accident or whatever else it may be, have really endeavoured to understand the rules and be compliant.

So, Terrain Tamer has been working with the governing bodies and their engineers to come up with a GVM upgrade solution that gives you an excellent safety margin, much the way the original equipment manufacturer designed the vehicle. By performing 3D material analysis and other stress tests, Terrain Tamer engineers have been able to understand exactly which point a vehicle component will fail when you push it to its limits. Now, with that information in mind, they've been able to create GVM upgrade solutions that have an excellent safety margin.

So why would this be important to you, the end user? Well, when a Vehicle Manufacturer designs a vehicle, they have a safety margin in there. And the moment we do a GVM upgrade, we start encroaching onto that safety margin. Now, the further into that margin that you push, the more risk there is that your vehicle will fail at a critical moment, leaving you on the side of the road. Obviously, Terrain Tamer does not want that to happen. So, they have worked with the engineers to totally understand how a vehicle is constructed, and then create the GVM upgrade solution that does not beat on your vehicle. Yet, it gives you a perfect solution that's going to give you a good heavy load carrying capacity and excellent light load carrying capacity and really do the job you need it to do.

For many years, there's not a whole heap of components that you're going to look to change when you do a GVM upgrade. Primarily, you're going to change your springs because they carry the load, and you're going to change your shock absorbers because they control the load. Other areas that may require changing are your wheels, your tires, and your braking system. When you change these components, it does change the way the vehicle handles over different road surfaces and carrying different loads. So, there's a couple of key points or considerations we need to make when we're considering a GVM upgrade. They are your front axle load, your rear axle load, your roof load off-road and on-road, your tow bar load, and the amount of weight on your trailer.

Terrain Tamer manufactures their coil springs right here in Australia, so they can maintain the quality of the springs. And they are the only company that is offering a GVM upgrade using parabolic leaf springs. And these give a significant improvement to the load carrying and ride quality of a leaf-sprung vehicle. Terrain Tamer offers GVM upgrades for many of the popular vehicles already on the market, and they're adding to that range all the time. To find out more, contact your local Terrain Tamer stockist or head on over to their website at terraintamer.com.

Terrain Tamer has a 50-year-old promise to deliver quality engineered four-wheel drive parts.



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GVM Upgrade Kits For Ford Ranger FAQ

A GVM upgrade kit for Ford Ranger is a set of components designed to help improve the gross vehicle mass (GVM) rating of your vehicle. This kit typically includes suspension upgrades and reinforcements, along with other necessary parts to enhance the capability and performance of your vehicle. With this kit installed, you can safely increase the load capacity of your Ford Ranger while improving its ride and handling characteristics. Further, it also helps maintain optimal stance and alignment so that your off-road adventures are as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The components included in a GVM upgrade kit improve the load-carrying capacity of your Ford Ranger while preserving ride quality and handling characteristics. The upgraded suspension system works by distributing weight more efficiently across all four wheels of the vehicle while also improving stability during cornering or when driving on uneven surfaces. Additionally, it increases clearances between components such as tires and wheel wells, allowing greater articulation angles experienced when driving on difficult terrain.

GVM upgrade kits for Ford Ranger provide numerous benefits, including increased load capacity, improved ride and handling characteristics, greater clearances between components, and improved stability when driving on difficult terrain. Additionally, these kits also help maintain the optimal stance and alignment of the vehicle which can prevent costly repairs due to premature wear or damage to parts.
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GVM upgrades Suitable for Ford Ranger Vehicles

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