Holden Colorado Wheel Bearing Kits

When you're venturing off-road, ensuring the robustness of wheel bearings is crucial. Terrain Tamer, a pioneer in 4x4 parts, has engineered a premium Holden Colorado wheel bearing replacement kit, designed specifically to withstand every day driving and adventure holidays. Engineered with high-grade materials, this kit guarantees longevity, optimal performance, and a smooth drive, even on the most challenging terrains. +

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    • Made in Japan
    • Rockwell Hardness Rating 2.5 points higher than OE
    • Upgraded heat treatment procedure for longer service life

    Bearing SML


    • Labyrinth construction prevents oil loss
    • Rotates on internal surface, eliminating wear on components
    • Utilises 4 sealing surfaces to protect against contaminants

    HD Seal SML

    Recognizing the Signs of Holden Colorado Wheel Bearing Wear

    Has your Holden Colorado been making subtle noises? Do you feel a slight vibration through the steering wheel? These are the signs of wheel bearings wear. If you're experiencing these signs or noticing shifts in steering behaviour, it's time to consider a wheel bearing replacement.

    Terrain Tamer Holden Colorado Wheel Bearings

    When it comes to quality and durability, few brands rival Terrain Tamer. Our Holden Colorado wheel bearings are a testament to our commitment to precision and excellence. Engineered for resilience, Terrain Tamer's bearings are crafted to withstand the challenges of both everyday driving and off-road adventures.

    A Step-by-Step Guide: Holden Colorado Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Here's a simplified guide to wheel bearing replacement:

    • Assemble Your Tools and Terrain Tamer Wheel Bearings: Before you begin, ensure you have all the essential tools and replacement parts within reach. Your toolkit should include a jack, jack stands, lug wrench, socket set, pliers, hammer, bearing grease, and, of course, your new Terrain Tamer Holden Colorado wheel bearings.
    • Lifting and Stabilising Your Holden Colorado: Use the jack to lift the front of your Colorado and secure it firmly with jack stands. Safety is your top priority throughout the process.
    • Removing Wheel and Brake Components: Kickstart the process by removing the wheel, followed by the brake calliper and rotor. This step will provide you with access to the hub assembly.
    • Release the Bearings: Extract the old ones with caution, detach the hub assembly and, using pliers and a hammer, gently remove the old bearings from the hub.
    • Installing Terrain Tamer Bearings: Apply a thin layer of bearing grease to your new Terrain Tamer Holden Colorado wheel bearings. Carefully position them onto the hub and proceed to reassemble the hub assembly.
    • Reassemble the Brake System: Effortlessly restore the brake rotor and calliper, ensuring a snug fit for both components.
    • Lowering Your Holden Colorado: Remove the jack stands cautiously and gently lower your Colorado. Firmly tighten the lug nuts and double-check the status of all components.
    • Test Drive and Monitor: Take your Holden Colorado for a test drive, navigating through diverse road conditions. Listen for any unusual sounds and observe the responsiveness of the steering. If your ride feels smooth, you've successfully completed your wheel bearing replacement!

    Choose Terrain Tamer Holden Colorado Wheel Bearings

    With Terrain Tamer's dependable wheel bearing kits, you're equipped to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance and safety.

    FAQs About Holden Colorado Wheel Bearing Replacement

    How often should I inspect Holden Colorado wheel bearings?

    Regular checks every 30,000 kilometres or 18,000 miles are recommended, with more frequent inspections for those who enjoy off-road adventures.

    Can I replace only one bearing, or should I replace both at the same time?

    For optimal results, it's advisable to replace both front wheel bearings simultaneously. If one is showing wear, the other may be following suit.

    What role does bearing grease play in this process?

    Bearing grease lubricates the bearings, reducing friction and preventing heat buildup. This ensures smooth rotation and extends the bearing's lifespan.

    Can a beginner attempt this replacement without prior mechanical experience?

    While possible, this task does require some basic mechanical understanding. If you're unsure, seeking professional guidance is recommended.

    How do Terrain Tamer Holden Colorado wheel bearings stand out compared to stock bearings?

    Terrain Tamer bearings are engineered for durability and performance, making them suitable for both daily drives and off-road journeys. Their robust construction often exceeds that of stock bearings.