I’ve got brake pads in my glove box, on the floor, at work, at home, on my desk and strangely enough even in the front callipers of my KUN 26 Hi Lux. This collection appears to happen when intensive testing takes place. I’ve used the brakes so much that my stop lights are worn out!

I’ve been out on the road to back up what the test laboratories have told us after exhaustively checking many other brands of disc brake pads and rotors. Braking a vehicle from any speed to a stop requires a lot of horsepower, possibly more than double our engine power! We are busy asking how does she go, when maybe we should be asking how does she stop! Our braking systems do not get the attention they deserve. As long as we have a good stereo with six speakers, then we are set up for that trip of a lifetime! Well, let’s make that lifetime last as long as we can. We need to know the condition of every part of the bits that stop us in an emergency. It starts with tyre grip on the road, four little patches on the tarmac are all we’ve got to use. The front wheels will do most of the retardation if we can get enough weight transference onto them! Our shock-absorbers must be up to the job of keeping those little patches of rubber firmly on the road. The disc pads and disc rotors need to be chosen to have the best coefficient of friction, be able to recover quickly after severe applications, be able to dissipate the heat generated by stop start city driving or extended downhill runs, in addition to these qualities have a reasonable life expectancy. Phew! That’s why after extensive testing, we at Terrain Tamer believe we have the best rotors and disc pads to get you and your passengers safely home.

If I tell the boss that I’m having a brake-down, do you think he’ll give me a few days off?

A.G. brake tester for TT


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