Jason from Guildford West, NSW asked:

“Hi, I have a 1994 dual-cab HiLux 4WD 2.8D. She has a 2in suspension life, ARB winch bar, 33in STTs, dual batteries, ARB air compressor, Engel fridge, two driving lights, four roof lights, exhaust system, snorkel, UHF radio and a few other home-made accessories. I have been 4WDing for 5 years now. I would like to tour around Australia and see what this great country has to offer. I have removed the rear seats and made a false floor to hold the fridge and other tools and accessories, and I am also in the process of making a set of drawers for the ute body.

This is the problem I am having at the moment; the two front tyres keep wearing on the inside only, and I have 2° of negative camber on the front. I have taken it to get a wheel alignment and they fixed the problem, but the tyres still wear on the inside. The axle seals keep leaking; I replaced the deals last week and they are already leaking again. Also, the front sags lower then the back and the leaf packs keep going straight. I don’t know what to do!”

Allan Gray:

“Jason, if they were Terrain Tamer springs that were sagging, I’d be horrified! If you were in Victoria and could drop down to see me, I would certainly have a look at the suspension. With the front end issues, I’d suggest that the diff housing is bent. If you pull the diff centre out which would then allow the axles to come out, you can actually look through the middle of it and measure to check whether it’s bent. There are a couple of companies around who know how to straighten diff housings, and can run some checks on yours.

They are the things I’d look for, but it doesn’t look good at the moment.”