tyreJon Phipps

Allan, I’ve heard that adjusting the camber on my torsion bar equipped 100 Series is impossible. Is this true? My local tyre shop doesn’t seem interested in helping me but I’ve been having irregular tyre wear that I’ve been told is due to the camber being adjusted incorrectly. What should I be looking for and who should I be talking to?



Jon, I’m not sure where you live, but I’d be very interested in having a look at the tyre wear on your vehicle. There is camber adjustment built into your vehicle; it’s an offset headed bolt, so there’s no problem with adjusting the camber, which is a separate adjustment to the torsion bars, which raise or lower your 4WD.

It sounds like you need a good front end alignment guy who should be able to rectify that for you with no worries.

Keep in mind Jon that on 4WDs the nearside front tyre will wear more than all the other tyres on the vehicle for normal reasons, it’s not desirable but it’s normal. The better the tyre is off-road, the more often you’ll have to rotate them. The correct way to rotate your tyres is to cross over the fronts and move the rear ones straight forward (don’t touch the spare).

The wear that you’re probably noticing, with decent off-road tyres can be avoided with rotation every 6000-8000km. If you’d like to talk to me more about your specific tyre wear, give me a call. Thanks.