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Hi Allan, I have purchased a 60 Series in good nick with an ARB turbo, dual batteries and a 3in exhaust which I’m going to do up for a trip around Australia.

After changing every washer, bush and seal in the front end and changing the oils and filters, I discovered a leak from the transfer case. I ended up draining 5L of fluid out of it which was tinged red- which I worked out was auto transmission fluid mixed in with the oil.

I was lucky; if the transfer oil had mixed with the auto fluid it would’ve been worse. I got the transfer case overhauled by Toyota but now the auto has issues. There’s good power on take-off but it flares between second and third. When it gets through to fourth at around 70km/h the power drops back. It’s not blowing smoke or anything. I’m not sure where to go from here; do I just sit back and wait for something to go wrong?



Well Wally, don’t sit back and wait for something to go wrong because it will at the worst possible time. I’d ask around and find out where workshops in your area send their autos; I think that’d be a good start. You definitely need to get it fixed ASAP.