anatomy of four wheel drivers 1anatomy of four wheel drivers 2 Sensible; aloof; crazy; eccentric; fanatical; smart; friendly; helpful. 

This describes the people we deal with on a day-to-day basis. No wonder we go home exhausted and ready to kick the dog. However, slide this cross-section of humanity into a 4WD and the mannerisms change dramatically (some would say for the worse). 

I have mixed with 4WD owners over many years repairing their vehicles, listening to them talk excitedly about their trips and adventures, even eager to show photos of their disasters, bogged or broken-down. And I’ve helped them to outfit their new or near new vehicles with modifications and accessories, the cost of which often far exceeds the purchase price of the vehicle. 

It takes all types. I have met hundreds of owners and with very few exceptions those I have dealt with are among the most helpful, reliable, fellow travellers on the road.It’s as if they are waiting for you to be bogged, so they can show off their latest recovery gear. 

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anatomy of four wheel drivers 1 

anatomy of four wheel drivers 2