Jake Chambers

Allan, I recently installed a 2in lift kit into my MQ Patrol. It came with all new springs, shocks, shackles, bushes and rubbers. The problem I have is that the right rear corner sits an inch lower than everywhere else. I’ve measured the chassis to ground and it’s lower, I’ve measured the diff to chassis and it’s the same as the other side!

Do you know what it could be? Any help would be much appreciated.


Jake, the problem you’ve written about could be caused by 3 things:

  • A crook measuring tape,

  • A bent chassis, or

  • The curvature of the earth

I don’t believe any of these things caused you to write to me, but if you measured as you said then the tyres are a different profile – that’s the only thing that could cause that. I think if you draw the vehicle chassis on a piece of paper and insert all of your accurately measured dimensions it should become obvious just where the problem is. But if it’s as you say, the only thing that could cause that is a different profile on the tyres. Good luck with it Jake.