070813Matt Herbert (Summerland Point, NSW)

Hey Allan, I’ve recently purchased a well modified LWB GQ Patrol that has barwork all around, dual air-lockers, a 6in lift and 35in tyres. The truck is not the neatest as it’s been used hard off-road, but that doesn’t bother me. That’s what I bought it for!

I think I have a problem in my rear diff or perhaps my transfer case. Whenever I decelerate from any speed over 60km/h or so, there’s a howling noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. It’s not there under slow-speed driving or acceleration, only when slowing down.

Do you have any idea what this could be? I’ve been told it may be the output shaft on my transfer case, does that sound right?

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Well Matt, it sounds as though your experience is the opposite of mine. Usually I get a howling noise from the passenger side of the vehicle when I accelerate, resulting in an earache most of the time. Not sure if it’s coming from the vehicle though…

I’d be chocking the wheels and jumping underneath the vehicle with the handbrake off, watch you don’t get run over, and check the vertical play at the front of your rear tailshaft and check the play at the rear of the shaft where it goes into the differential.

If this is OK, I’d pull the rear tailshaft off and go for a drive on the front tailshaft and check for any change in the problem. If it’s still noisy then I’d say you’re probably right, the transfer case bearings are probably shot so it may be time to get her up on the hoist and pluck the box out.

Thanks for that Matt, take care.