StrapThis Terrain Tamer snatch strap sits pride of place in our Head Office showroom. It was used to pull our 90 Series out from deep in the Tasmanian bush a few years back.
While nearing the end of a week-long trip, we had a log flick up and destroy the radiator, which in turn eliminated engine and steering.

With our boat ride back to the mainland leaving 24 hours later, we were forced to sacrifice sleep and drive through the night using only our hand brake to control the vehicle.

You can imagine the forces running through this humble snatch strap for these next 8 enduring hours, as we pulled her left and right around corners, up hills and over ridges to get us out of trouble. To our complete satisfaction, all it did was frayed a little at the end of the journey, but it saved our complete convoy a great deal of trouble.

These are proudly manufacture in Australia. The snatch strap is the first recovery tool most of us lean on when that situation we never planned for, threatens our beautiful trip away