Frank Williams (Yarrawonga, NT)

Hi Allan, I own a nicely modified 80 Series LandCruiser with the NA 1HZ engine in it. I’ve been all over the state with it and absolutely love it to death. It’s been as reliable as a rock and never let me down, until yesterday that is. I jumped in and went to start the engine and I got nothing. All dash lights, gauges, headlights, and starter motor stayed well and truly off. The starter didn’t even click!
I had to suffer the indignity of driving the wife’s Getz to work!

When I returned home I got my multimeter out and checked the electrical system. To my surprise both of my batteries still read full charge! Also, the winch is still functioning as normal; it’s just the vehicle’s electrics which are not working. Do you have any idea what this could be? I’ve pulled and inspected every fuse in the truck and even bench tested the alternator and starter solenoids.

Everything seems to be working fine except I’ve still got no power. What do you reckon any ideas?


Hi Frank, while you’re got your multimeter out, I’d check the voltage across the battery posts and then across the battery terminals to check to see if you have a terminal-to-post problem. They can be as tight as you like, but I’ve seen them get a copper-colored coating on the post that absolutely won’t transmit electricity through it at all.

If that checks out alright, I’d be checking the negative battery terminal to the engine earth point to make sure that’s not corroded or broken and basically check each lead’s integrity. Next I’d move on to the positive post on the starter solenoid, which will check that the connections between it and the battery are all functioning as they should be. The last thing to look at is the main terminal on the back of the alternator. With a good earth, it should be getting full battery voltage all the time.

There’s a possibility that there may have been a short somewhere in the system and it may have blown your fusible link near the battery so it’s worth giving that a quick look too. With these few simple checks with your multimeter (one of the greatest tools you can have!), I’m sure you’ll find your problem in no time. If not, give us a call and we’ll work it out.

Thanks mate.