clutchkit-hdChris Jacobs (Robina, QLD)

I’m about to swap out the clutch in my TB42 Nissan GQ Patrol and I’ve been told the box is as heavy as a Mack truck and that I’d need special equipment to get it in and out of the vehicle. My mechanic told me not to bother unless I’ve got a transmission jack at the ready, which I don’t own. My question is, can I support it with my engine crane through the doors and down through the shift lever hole instead?

I really don’t want to end up wearing 200kg of gearbox on my head so if it’s a stupid idea let me know, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t work? Is this genius or should I pony up the thirty bucks and hire a jack?

Also, how important is flywheel machining? I was hoping to knock the job over in a single day, and sending the flywheel out to a machine shop would add another twenty four hours.





Chris, changing the clutch on the TB42 would involve, as you indicate, removing and refitting the transmission. It can be done with an engine crane, but as you have to move the transmission back 300-400mm there may not be enough gap in the floorpan. If the floor is out or if there’s room, I’d go that way, however if that method is not possible, then a garage jack on wheels will do the job.

Refitting the box requires very steady movement so as not to dislodge the release bearing and making sure not to let the gearbox hang off the clutch plate when refitting. To help you do this job you need to have a clutch alignment tool, and if you can manage it, have two long (200mm or so) bolts with the heads cut off to screw into the bellhousing and help guide the transmission into place. You always need to machine the flywheel, and don’t forget to get a mate round to lend a hand.

P.S. Make sure you let me know which weekend you’re going to do the job, and I’ll make sure I’m not available!

Thanks mate.