Vehicle Owned: 1994 Jeep Cherokee X J

Toby James Muirson (Healthridge, WA)

I’ve had my Jeep for about 4 years now. I bought her stock and have started transforming her into a capable tourer. I’ve fitted a snorkel, cargo barrier, UHF radio, spotlights, DVD/CD player with reverse camera, rock sliders, custom steel front bar and she always has the fridge inside ready to go. I’m planning on adding front and rear diff locks and some poly air-bags for load carrying before long.

I have a problem with the oxygen sensor. Every time the engine gets wet (either driving through water or when washing it) it sets off the check engine light. I have replaced the oxygen sensor and have tried to seal all the electrical connections, but it still keeps coming back on. What’s going on with my Jeep?



Well Toby, Jeeps along with some other makes of 4WD do not often divulge workshop information unfortunately. This makes it difficult to diagnose problems without being there in person. You don’t indicate how the problem rectifies itself.

Sensors usually use ambient temperature as an input so make sure you’re not cooling the oxy sensor down too much with the water. Some sensors are provided with inbuilt heaters. I’d check with the Jeep club’s technical advisor as to the correct or updated sensor for your engine.

Thanks mate.