Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • OE Manufacturer.
  • Precision components designed for 4WD use.
  • 4WD endurance rubber seals.

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Clutch Slave Cylinder FAQ

The clutch slave cylinder is a vital part of the hydraulic system used in manual transmission vehicles. It is responsible for operating the clutch fork that releases and engages the clutch plate when shifting gears. If your clutch has become unresponsive or "sloppy", it may be time to replace your existing slave cylinder. A new, high-quality replacement clutch slave cylinder from Terrain Tamer will restore responsiveness and optimal performance to your vehicle's transmission system.

The operation of a clutch slave cylinder relies on hydraulics to power the release and engagement of the car’s transmission system when shifting gears. Pressurised fluid enters into an actuator which then pushes or pulls depending on whether you are accelerating or braking, thus releasing and engaging your vehicle's transmission system at appropriate times for safe driving. Replacing your existing unit with an OEM-quality replacement from Terrain Tamer will ensure ideal performance from your manual transmission vehicle.

Installing a high-quality, OEM-certified replacement clutch slave cylinder can help ensure exceptional performance for your manual transmission vehicle. With a Terrain Tamer clutch slave cylinder, you get optimal responsiveness and improved shifting capability when changing gears. Replacing your existing unit will also help reduce wear on other parts of the transmission system and extend its life to keep you driving safely and smoothly. You’ll find that an aftermarket-grade part from Terrain Tamer is more reliable than many others in the industry – so you can be sure it will keep working properly even under strenuous driving conditions. The combination of precision engineering and quality materials ensures maximum performance whilst providing unbeatable reliability for years to come.

FORD - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Ford Vehicles


Maverick DA 1/1988-12/1991 JB4198 Diesel & Petrol 4.2 Litre
Maverick DA 1/1992-12/1997 JB4257 Diesel & Petrol 4.2 Litre

ISUZU - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Isuzu Vehicles


D Max TFS85 10/2006-6/2020 8979477650  

MITSUBISHI - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Mitsubishi Vehicles


Pajero NG 8/1989-5/1991 JB4261 Diesel 2.5 Litre Turbo

NISSAN - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Nissan Vehicles


Navara D40M 1/2007- 30620-EA00A Spain Built
Navara D40T 1/2007- 30620-EA00A Thailand Built
Pathfinder R51 1/2007-1/2010 30620-EA00A  
Patrol GQ 1/1988-12/1991 JB4198 Diesel & Petrol 4.2 Litre
Patrol GQ 1/1992-12/1997 JB4257 Diesel & Petrol 4.2 Litre
Patrol GQ 1/1992-9/1995 JB4258 Diesel 2.8 Litre Petrol 3 Litre
Patrol GU 10/1997-12/2000 JB9576 Diesel 4.2 Litre Petrol 4.5 Litre
Patrol GU 11/2006-  30620-WJ10A Diesel 3.0 Litre Turbo Intercooled
Patrol GU 11/2006- 30620-WJ10A Diesel 4.2 Litre Turbo Intercooled

TOYOTA - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Toyota Vehicles


Hilux GGN15 2/2005- 31470-0K060 TT  
Hilux GGN25 2/2005- 31470-0K060TT  
Hilux GUN112 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux GUN122 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux GUN123 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux KUN15 8/2006-10/2014 31470-0K030TT  
Hilux KUN15 11/2014- 31470-0K160TT  
Hilux KUN16 8/2004-10/2014 31470-0K030TT  
Hilux KUN16 11/2014- 31470-0K160TT  
Hilux KUN25 7/2005-10/2014 31470-0K030TT  
Hilux KUN25 11/2014- 31470-0K160TT  
Hilux KUN26 8/2004-10/2014 31470-0K030TT  
Hilux KUN26 11/2014- 31470-0K160TT  
Hilux KUN36 8/2004-10/2014 31470-0K030TT  
Hilux KUN36 11/2014- 31470-0K160TT  
Hilux KUN125 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux KUN126 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux KUN136 5/2015- 31470-0K080  
Hilux KZN165 8/1999- 31470-35140TT  
Hilux LN40 11/1981-12/1983 JB4132  
Hilux LN46 11/1981-12/1983 JB4132  
Hilux LN56 9/1984-10/1988 JB4154  
Hilux LN60 7/1984-11/1984 JB4154  
Hilux LN61 11/1985-9/1989 JB4154  
Hilux LN65 9/1984-10/1988 JB4154  
Hilux LN85 10/1988-5/1994 JB4154  
Hilux LN86 10/1988-11/1996 JB4154  
Hilux LN106 8/1988-12/1997 JB4154  
Hilux LN107 1/1992-12/1997 JB4154  
Hilux LN111 8/1988-12/1997 JB4154  
Hilux LN130 10/1989-7/1996 JB4154  
Hilux LN147 11/1997-10/2004 JB4154  
Hilux LN167 8/1997- JB4154  
Hilux LN172 8/1997- JB4154  
Hilux RN31 9/1980-12/1983 JB4130  
Hilux RN36 4/1979-12/1983 JB4058  
Hilux RN41 9/1980-12/1983 JB4130  
Hilux RN46 4/1979-12/1983 JB4058  
Hilux RN85 10/1988-10/1991 JB4130  
Hilux RN105 8/1988-10/1991 JB4130  
Hilux RN110 8/1988-10/1991 JB4130  
Hilux RN130 8/1988-10/1991 JB4130  
Hilux RZN142 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN144 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN147 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN148 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN149 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN154 11/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN169 8/1997- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN174 11/1997-8/2002 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN180 8/2000- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux RZN185 8/2000- 31470-35130TT  
Hilux VZN130 10/1990-7/1996 JB4248  
Hilux VZN167 11/2002-10/2004 JB9581  
Hilux YN55 11/1983-9/1988 JB4130  
Hilux YN57 11/1983-12/1987 JB4130  
Hilux YN60 11/1983-12/1987 JB4130  
Hilux YN63 11/1985-5/1989 JB4130  
Hilux YN65 11/1983-12/1987 JB4130  
Hilux YN67 11/1985-5/1989 JB4130  
Hilux YN85 10/1988-8/1994 JB4130  
Landcruiser BJ40 2/1974-10/1984 JB4069  
Landcruiser BJ42 2/1974-10/1984 JB4069  
Landcruiser BJ70 11/1984-1/1990 JB4175  
Landcruiser BJ73 11/1984-1/1990 JB4175  
Landcruiser BJ74 10/1985-1/1990 31470-60140TT  
Landcruiser BJ75 11/1984-8/1988 JB4175  
Landcruiser FJ40 3/1969-7/1970 JB4040  
Landcruiser FJ40 7/1970-8/1974 JB4065  
Landcruiser FJ40 8/1974-10/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser FJ45 3/1969-7/1970 JB4040  
Landcruiser FJ45 7/1970-8/1974 JB4065  
Landcruiser FJ45 8/1974-10/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser FJ55 1/1975-7/1980 JB4073  
Landcruiser FJ60 8/1980-11/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser FJ60 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser FJ62 8/1980-11/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser FJ62 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser FJ70 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser FJ70 1/1990- JB4175  
Landcruiser FJ73 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser FJ73 1/1990- JB4175  
Landcruiser FJ75 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser FJ75 1/1990- JB4175  
Landcruiser FJ80 1/1990-8/1992 JB4232  
Landcruiser FZJ70 1/1990-8/1999 JB4233  
Landcruiser FZJ73 1/1990-8/1999 JB4233  
Landcruiser FZJ75 1/1990-8/1999 JB4233  
Landcruiser FZJ78 8/1999- JB4233  
Landcruiser FZJ79 8/1999- JB4233  
Landcruiser FZJ80 8/1992-8/1996 JB4212  
Landcruiser FZJ80 8/1996- JB9532  
Landcruiser FZJ105 1/1998- 31470-60260TT  
Landcruiser HJ45 1/1975-7/1980 JB4065  
Landcruiser HJ47 8/1980-10/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser HJ60 8/1980-11/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser HJ60 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser HJ61 8/1980-11/1984 JB4073  
Landcruiser HJ61 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser HJ75 11/1984-1/1990 JB4180  
Landcruiser HDJ78 8/2001- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HDJ79 8/2001- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HDJ80 1/1990-1/1992 JB4234  
Landcruiser HDJ80 1/1992-1/1995 JB4263  
Landcruiser HDJ80 1/1995- JB4212  
Landcruiser HDJ100 1/1998- 31470-60270TT  
Landcruiser HZJ71 8/1999- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HZJ70 1/1990-8/1999 JB4234  
Landcruiser HZJ73 1/1990-8/1999 JB4234  
Landcruiser HZJ74 8/1999- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HZJ75 1/1990-8/1999 JB4234  
Landcruiser HZJ76 1/2007- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HZJ77 1/1990- JB4234  
Landcruiser HZJ78 8/1999- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HZJ79 8/1999- 31470-60290TT  
Landcruiser HZJ80 1/1990-1/1992 JB4234  
Landcruiser HZJ80 1/1992-1/1995 JB4263  
Landcruiser HZJ80 1/1995- JB4212  
Landcruiser HZJ105 1/1998- 31470-60280TT  
Landcruiser LJ70 1/1986-12/1991 JB4236  
Landcruiser PZJ70 1/1990- JB4233  
Landcruiser PZJ73 1/1990- JB4233  
Landcruiser PZJ75 1/1990- JB4233  
Landcruiser RJ70 11/1984-12/1991 JB4130  
Landcruiser UZJ100 1/1998-5/2006 31470-60240TT  
Landcruiser VDJ76 1/2007- 31470-60370TT  
Landcruiser VDJ78 1/2007- 31470-60370TT  
Landcruiser VDJ79 1/2007- 31470-60370TT  
Prado GRJ120 8/2004- 31470-60361TT  
Prado KDJ90 8/2000- 31470-35140TT  
Prado KDJ95 8/2000- 31470-35140TT  
Prado KDJ120 8/2006- 31470-60340TT  
Prado KDJ125 9/2000- 31470-60340TT  
Prado KDJ150 8/2009-4/2015 31470-60350TT  
Prado KZJ90 4/1996- 31470-35140TT  
Prado KZJ95 6/1999-9/2002 31470-35140TT  
Prado KZJ120 9/2002-1/2008 31470-60300TT  
Prado RZJ95 4/1996-8/2008 31470-35130TT  
Prado RZJ120 9/2002-8/2004 31470-60310TT  
Prado VZJ95 4/1996- JB9581