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Suspension Kits

FORD - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Ford Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK071 (ii) Ford Courier 03/87-11/06 view »
SK070 (ii) Ford Ranger PJ PK 11/06-10/11 view »
SK072 Ford Ranger PX From 10/11 - 7/2018 view »


HOLDEN/ISUZU - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Holden/Isuzu Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK063 Holden Rodeo R9/TFS   view »
SK062 Holden Colorado, Holden Rodeo RA, Isuzu Dmax 03/03-04/12 view »
SK073 Holden Colorado, Isuzu Dmax From 05/12 view »
SK075 Holden Colorado From  04/13 view »
SK076 Holden Colorado 05/12 - 03/13 view »


LANDROVER - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Landrover Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK061 Land Rover Defender 92-01 view »
SK059 Land Rover Discovery Series 2   view »
SK057 (i) Land Rover Range Rover 1972-04/95 view »
SK057 (ii) Land Rover Discovery Series I 1991-03/99 view »
SK083 Land Rover Defender 90 from 2003 on view »
SK084 Land Rover Defender 130 92-99 view »


MAZDA - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Mazda Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK071 (i) Mazda Bravo B2500, B2600 03/87-11/06 view »
SK070 (i) Mazda BT50 11/06-10/11 view »
SK072 (i) Mazda BT50 From 10/11 - view »


MITSUBISHI - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Mitsubishi Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK052 Mitsubishi Pajero NA/NB/NC/ND/NE/NF/NG LWB 01/93-09/97 view »
SK053 Mitsubishi Pajero NH/NJ/NK SWB 01/83-09/97 view »
SK051 Mitsubishi Pajero NH/NJ/NK/NL 08/96-06/00 view »
SK050 Mitsubishi Pajero NF/NG   view »
SK045 Mitsubishi Pajero NM/NP/NS/NT   view »
SK097 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 1/2015 view »
SK055 Mitsubishi Triton ME/MF/MG/MH   view »
SK056 Mitsubishi Triton MJ/MK   view »
SK054 Mitsubishi Triton ML/MN   view »
SK080 Mitsubishi Triton MQ from 2015 on view »


NISSAN - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Nissan Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK044 Nissan Patrol MQ Round Headlight   view »
SK046 Nissan Patrol MK Square Headlights   view »
SK039 Nissan Patrol GQ SWB   view »
SK040 Nissan Patrol GQ LWB 3.0 Litre   view »
SK041 Nissan Patrol GQ Tray Back   view »
SK042 Nissan Patrol GQ LWB 4.2 Litre   view »
SK043 Nissan Patrol GQ Tray Back   view »
SK037 Nissan Patrol GU Tray Back   view »
SK038 Nissan Patrol GU LWB   view »
SK029 Nissan Patrol GU Tray Back   view »
SK035 Nissan Navara D21/D22   view »
SK077 Nissan Navara D23   view »
SK034 Nissan Navara D40   view »
SK031 Nissan Pathfinder R51   view »
SK033 Nissan Pathfinder WD21   view »
SK030 Nissan Terrano R20   view »
SK086 Nissan Navara D23 NP300 from 08/14 on view »


TOYOTA - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Toyota Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK015 Toyota LandCruiser BJ40/BJ42/FJ40 Before 07/80 view »
SK014 Toyota LandCruiser FJ45/HJ45 Before 07/80 view »
SK013 Toyota LandCruiser BJ40/BJ42/FJ40 From 07/80 view »
SK012 Toyota LandCruiser BJ45/FJ45/HJ47 From 07/80 view »
SK010 Toyota Landcruiser BJ60/FJ60/62/HJ60/61/62   view »
SK011 Toyota Landcruiser LJ70/RJ70   view »
SK008 Toyota Landcruiser BJ70/73/74/HZJ70/73   view »
SK068 Toyota LandCruiser KZJ70/73/78, Prado KZJ70/73/78 (O/Seas Market)   view »
SK009 Toyota Landcruiser BJ75/FJ75/FZJ75/HJ75/HZJ75   view »
SK036 Toyota LandCruiser HZJ76/VDJ76   view »
SK007 Toyota LandCruiser FZJ78/79/HDJ78/79HZJ78/79/VDJ78/79   view »
SK006 Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series   view »
SK004 Toyota LandCruiser 105 Series   view »
SK003 Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series   view »
SK022 Toyota LandCruiser UZJ200/VDJ200   view »
SK002 Toyota LandCruiser Prado 90/95 Series 045/96-08/02 view »
SK001 Toyota LandCruiser Prado 120 Series (excl. KDSS) From 09/02 view »
SK090  Toyota LandCruiser Prado GRJ150/KDJ150 (excl. KDSS) From 09/02 view »
SK092 Toyota LandCruiser Prado GRJ/KDJ/GDJ150 (with KDSS) From 09/02 view »
SK091  Toyota FJ Cruiser GSJ15 From 11/10 view »
SK093 Toyota Landcruiser Prado 120 Series (Airbag Conversion) From 09/02 view »
SK094 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GRJ/KDJ/GDJ150 (Airbag Conversion) From 09/02 view »
SK020 Toyota Hilux LN46/LN65/LN106/RN36/RN46/RN105/YN60/YN65/YN67   view »
SK019 Toyota Hilux LN130/KZN130/RN130/VZN130/YN130   view »
SK018 Toyota Hilux LN107/LN111/LN167/LN172/RN106/RN110/KDN165 /KZN165/RZN169/RZN174/VZN167/VZN172/YN63   view »
SK016 Toyota Hilux GGN25/KUN26   view »
SK081 Toyota Hilux GUN125/126, KUN125/126 from 05/15 on view »
SK082 Toyota Fortuner GUN156 from 07/15 on view »
SK087 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ71/74 from 08/99 on view »
SK089 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ77 from 01/90 on view »


SUZUKI - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Suzuki Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK028 Suzuki Sierra LJ/SJ (excluding Tray Back Vehicles)   view »
SK074 Suzuki Jimny SN413 / JB33 / JB43 / JB48 From 10/98 view »


JEEP - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Jeep Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK078 Jeep Wrangler TJ  1996-2006 view »
SK079 Jeep Wranger JK From 03/07 view »


FIAT - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Fiat Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK080 Fullback  2016 - view »


VOLKSWAGEN - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Volkswagen Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK095 Amarok  2011 - view »


LDV - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for LVD Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK101 T60 10/2017 - view »


Mercedes Benz - Terrain Tamer Parts Suitable for Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Kit Make / Model Year PDF
SK102 X Class X250/350 2017 - view »
  • Catalog Number: TTD 30


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