Designed with 20% stretch to aid in the recovery of bogged vehicles, using the momentum of a second vehicle without the damaging shock of a standard tow strap.

  • Australian Made
  • Inbuilt wear indicators
  • Fully Sewn eyes with protective sleeves


Special Instructions:

  • Do not exceed stated load ratings
  • If towing a caravan etc. a heavy strap is recommended (11,000kg or 16,000kg)
  • Do not allow strap to rub against sharp edges or twist
  • Only attach strap to approved recovery points on your 4WD (not vehicle tie down hooks)
  • Do not use shackles as a connector between straps
  • Wash in warm, soapy water, with mild detergent and allow to dry before storing
  • Not recommended for general towing

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TSS509 SNATCH STRAP 8000kg 9m x 60mm
TSS759 SNATCH STRAP 11000kg 9m x 75mm
TSS1009 SNATCH STRAP 16000kg 9m x 100mm
TTP83 TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR 8000kg 3m x 75mm
TTP103 TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR 10000kg 3m x 100mm
TTS506 TOW STRAP 4000kg 6m x 50mm
TES6025 EQUALIZER STRAP 6000kg 2.5m
TWS5020 WINCH EXTENSION 4000kg 20m x 50mm
TTS2 RACHET STRAP 650kg 3m x 25mm
TTS7 RACHET STRAP 750kg 5.5m x 25mm
TTS9 RACHET STRAP 650kg 5.5m x 36mm
TTS4 TIE DOWN STRAP 450kg 1.7m x 25mm
TTS3 TIE DOWN STRAP 150kg 3.5m x 25mm