Common Rail Injector Kits

Terrain Tamer’s Common Rail diesel injector kit contains all new Denso injectors, as well as Flashlube Diesel Conditioner, specially formulated to ensure that the extremely high pressure pump and injectors are lubricated and kept clean resulting in more complete combustion, lower pollution and less blocking of exhaust filters. +

All remaining parts in our FTV diesel injector kits are genuine, so you can be sure of their quality and durability, allowing for peak performance from any diesel engine.

If you're looking also looking for air box filter insert upgrade, you can get advice at our 4x4 parts store. Close

  • Contains new Denso injectors, and Flashlube Diesel Conditioner.
  • All remaining parts genuine.

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Common Rail Injector Kits FAQ

A common rail injector kit is a set of components designed to replace ageing, faulty diesel injectors in 4x4 vehicles. The kit typically includes an improved high-pressure fuel pump, along with new injector nozzles that deliver more precise and better-atomised fuel spray for increased engine efficiency and performance. Depending on the vehicle you have, these kits are usually easy to install without any specialised tools or experience. With this upgrade your car should be able to perform better than ever before!

These kits work by replacing the old-fashioned diesel injectors in your 4x4 vehicle and installing modern, high-performance components instead. The new fuel pump has higher pressure capabilities than before, allowing for more precise atomisation of the fuel droplets when it hits the combustion chamber in your engine. This helps improve overall engine efficiency and performance as well as reduce emissions from the exhaust pipe. For best results, you should always use original or OEM parts when replacing any component on a 4x4 vehicle to ensure maximum reliability and performance longevity.

Common rail injector kits offer plenty of advantages over traditional diesel injectors. The new, high-pressure fuel pump ensures more precise atomisation, allowing for better combustion and improved engine performance. This often results in increased power output and torque as well as better fuel economy due to reduced emissions. The new nozzles also help reduce wear and tear.


TOYOTA - Common Rail Injector Kits Suitable for Toyota Vehicles


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