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Workshop Manager AllanGray JAN 2016The ads on TV say it all. The manufacturers of 4x4’s and “soft roaders” would have you believe their products will go anywhere including the beach. You see it now, the salt spray from the wheels whizzing past the windows as Nev speeds along the beach with the happy family inside and the family dog’s tongue drooling out the window. Ahhh, freedom. As a workshop owner or mechanic like me we often see this vehicle at the next service with the surface rust already showing in bare metal areas. Here’s a story from the vehicle itself…’ read more

Brake Health Check

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DIY Brakes v4 Page 1DIY Brakes v4 Page 2

Servicing Modern Diesels - Brakes

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'For the Life of Me' by Allan Gray

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Allans The Project PoemI started 60 years ago as a brand new shiny truck I’d have a quiet new lady owner, with my usual run of luck. But no, the cards were against me, as I saw my owner sign, “You look a good tough truck to me, so we should get along just fine.” read more...

Every Old Snatch Strap Has a Story

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With our boat ride back to the mainland leaving 24 hours later, we were forced to sacrifice

sleep and drive through the night using only our hand brake to control the vehicle.....read more



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