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Interesting article in Automotive Aftermarket about our smart coils.

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Apprentice: How important is turning when it comes to fuel consumption?

Allan: Very important. If you’ve got retarded ignition or faulty chip turning or If someone’s been playing around with the computer itself, your vehicle is definitely going to burn more fuel than it should, and effectively do damage to the motor. 

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All about ADR 80/03

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 10:24


Check out Allan’s Article in Motor Equipment news, some great tips on the different ways to reduce exhaust emissions. 


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Apprentice: Faulty Injectors can also play a part. How do I know if I have faulty injectors?

Allan: You’d be wanting to look out for things link black smoke, hard starting, or diesel injection knock. The smart way is to work on a mileage basis.

If you keep fuel clean, you’d probably have to think about changing about changing injectors at 100-150,000 km. You’d always go to a specialist to fix or change injectors, unless you’re well and truly clued up on diesels, you could to some real damage. 


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Shock Bush Solutions

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:18


This article recently published in Motor Equipment Magazine features our suspension range, very interesting read.


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