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Q&A with Allan Gray - Air Filtration Part 2

Friday, 07 November 2014 11:18

 A.P: So you should take a spare filter with you?

Allan: Yeah, I don’t like the foam ones at all.

A.P: Ok, so what about traveling with other people, say a group of 6 vehicles, good idea, bad idea, is there anything you can do to have a better trip with the air filtration?

Allan: Well either be the leader or stay half an hour behind everyone else.

A.P: Half an hour?

Allan: Well…

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A&Q With Allan Gray - Air Filtration

Friday, 31 October 2014 09:12


I’ve got a couple of questions about air filtration. Let’s say we’re going on a similar trip that you did last week, where you’re going convoy in dusty conditions; How important is air filtration?

Allan: The air filtration is probably one of the most important things to watch for. I’ve seen engines wear out in 3 months when there is bad filtration or leaks in the filtration system. I think clean air is probably the most important thing, with mining industries indicating that without proper filtration, engine life could be shortened by 50%! Read more

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Q&A with Allan Gray

Thursday, 23 October 2014 09:22


A.P. Prentice

What role does the engine operating temperature play in excessive fuel use?


If you’re running cold, you’re getting incomplete combustion, black smoke, carbon build up. If you’re running at the right temperature, but not too hot of course, everything should be firing nicely, burning the fuel properly and running efficiently. 

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Q&A with Allan Gray

Friday, 17 October 2014 13:32


A.P. Prentice

High speeds can also lead to excessive fuel use, why is this the case?


If you’re going at high speeds, you’ve got wide open throttle, injectors are pushing as much fuel as they can get through, and you’ve got a high wind pressure. Generally speaking, speeds over 100km will definitely soak up more fuel just from the resistance through the air alone.  

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