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Safari Snorkel

Friday, 21 November 2014 08:51


Many people ask us why we distribute Safari Snorkel and not the cheaper brands.

It has to do with a number of factors. 



1st as you have heard us say throughout our videos, clean air is vital to the life and performance of the engine. Water will hydraulic lock the engine and dust creates a sand paper effect when it mixes with grease. 
Both cause expensive engine damage.

The best way to keep engine air intake clean is by regular filter changes and a good quality snorkel. 


Knowing this, we then choose Safari Snorkels due to their designs Read more...


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Q&A with Allan Gray - Air Filtration Part 3

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 11:12


A.P: What are your thoughts on blowing an air filter out with an air hose at the local service station – good/bad or only when needed?

Allan: You haven’t really got much choice, but if you tap it on the ground a bit get most of the dirt out and then blow it from the inside out until you can’t see any more dust – that’s all you can do and I believe it will be adequate.

A.P: So  – take an extra spare filter (at least one), try to keep them as clean as possible, check them regularly, and try to avoid situations where you’re blocking it up.

Allan: Unless you want to talk about snorkels, the use of snorkels doubles the life of the motor in heavy dust conditions! If you watch a film of vehicles in convoy, the only thing protruding above the damaging dust is the snorkel head!

A.P: Wow, ok. This is a classic; leave the snorkel head on forwards or backwards?

Allan: Nah, turn it backwards ....Read more











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Q&A with Allan Gray - Air Filtration Part 2

Friday, 07 November 2014 11:18

 A.P: So you should take a spare filter with you?

Allan: Yeah, I don’t like the foam ones at all.

A.P: Ok, so what about traveling with other people, say a group of 6 vehicles, good idea, bad idea, is there anything you can do to have a better trip with the air filtration?

Allan: Well either be the leader or stay half an hour behind everyone else.

A.P: Half an hour?

Allan: Well…

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A&Q With Allan Gray - Air Filtration

Friday, 31 October 2014 09:12


I’ve got a couple of questions about air filtration. Let’s say we’re going on a similar trip that you did last week, where you’re going convoy in dusty conditions; How important is air filtration?

Allan: The air filtration is probably one of the most important things to watch for. I’ve seen engines wear out in 3 months when there is bad filtration or leaks in the filtration system. I think clean air is probably the most important thing, with mining industries indicating that without proper filtration, engine life could be shortened by 50%! Read more

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