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Q&A with Allan Gray - Air Filtration Part 2

Friday, 07 November 2014 11:18

 A.P: So you should take a spare filter with you?

Allan: Yeah, I don’t like the foam ones at all.

A.P: Ok, so what about traveling with other people, say a group of 6 vehicles, good idea, bad idea, is there anything you can do to have a better trip with the air filtration?


Well either be the leader or stay half an hour behind everyone else.

A.P: Half an hour?

Allan: Well…29 minutes depending on the dust.

A.P: Let’s say worst case scenario – let’s say you’re second in line and for whatever reason you had to stay within eyesight, so you did get a whole lot of dust. Tell me what damage would it do?

Allan: When a filter starts getting blocked up, the increased suction on the remaining unblocked part tends to suck through the very fine dust that you want to keep out of the engine and that’s the part that actually gets in unknowingly and destroys the motor in a very quick time – it’s like putting sandpaper into the motor.

A.P: So it forms grit…

Allan: Grit’s already hanging around in very fine silt-like particles. The sort of thing that you polish metal with and it soon wrecks the motor because it’s now sucked into the air cleaner because it’s half-restricted. 


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