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A&Q With Allan Gray - Air Filtration

Friday, 31 October 2014 09:12


I’ve got a couple of questions about air filtration. Let’s say we’re going on a similar trip that you did last week, where you’re going convoy in dusty conditions; How important is air filtration?

Allan: The air filtration is probably one of the most important things to watch for. I’ve seen engines wear out in 3 months when there is bad filtration or leaks in the filtration system. I think clean air is probably the most important thing, with mining industries indicating that without proper filtration, engine life could be shortened by 50%!


We had an enquiry just yesterday from an overseas customer asking about washable filters because when they go into regional areas they like to wash them and reuse them to get longevity out of their filter. What are your thoughts?


I don’t like them, because the fact is that people don’t service them; it’s a very messy job. You’d never do it unless you want your hands dirty with oil and kerosene and squeezing oil out of them. I think the standard one takes out 99% of the damaging dust. You should have a spare filter and just blow it out when you get to the next service station. 


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