Snatch Strap Kit

This stretchable strap is designed to pull a bogged vehicle out using the momentum of a
second vehicle without the damaging shock of a standard tow strap.

  • Canvas Carry Bag - Heavy Duty
  • Riggers Gloves - 100% Pig Skin
  • Bow Shackles - 2 x 3.25 Tonne Rated
  • Snatch Strap - (TSS509) 9m 8,000 kg; Australian Made; Inbuilt Wear Indicators with protective sleeves. Fully sewn eyes with protective sleeves; Designed with 20% stretch to aid in the recovery of bogged vehicles when a tow vehicle is available; Snatch Strap Kit is not recommended for towing.

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Recovery Snatch Strap Kit FAQ

A recovery snatch strap kit is an essential item for 4x4 owners. The kit includes a long stretchable nylon rope, also known as a snatch strap, with protective sleeves on both ends plus two tree trunk protectors, and two heavy-duty shackles. A snatch strap is used to pull vehicles out of difficult terrain or stuck situations, by stretching the rope when attached between two vehicles and then allowing the elasticity of the stretch to recover up to 30% of its length so it can provide powerful tugging force. When used properly, this system makes recovery tasks easier and safer than ever before.

To utilise a 4x4 snatch strap safely and effectively, make sure both vehicles are positioned so they can move away from each other once the snatch strap is tightened. Before attaching any straps or tow chains to your vehicle or another one, ensure that both vehicles have their brakes applied with the keys removed from the ignition. Once both vehicles are in position securely attach one end of the elongated sling around one axle or bumper using only the shackles provided in your Snatch Strap Kit. Then attach the remaining shackle onto the opposite vehicle’s axle or bumper ensuring that both ends of the slings.

Using a snatch strap recovery kit has several advantages over traditional towing; the most noteworthy being that it is a much safer and more reliable way of recovering your vehicle. As the strap will stretch, there is less chance of damage or injury as the force can be distributed evenly amongst both vehicles. Additionally, by using two tree trunk protectors you ensure that the trees used to assist with traction will not get damaged.
T4WDSK1 SNATCH STRAP KIT Inc. TSS509, 9M x 60mm 8,000kg Snatch Strap, Riggers Gloves and 2 x 3.25T Bow Shackles BUY NOW
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